Better Together Campaign Leadership Announced

United Way Better Together Campaign Leadership Announced


            United Way of the Titusville Region is proud to announce the organization’s campaign leadership.  This year’s campaign volunteers will lead the organization during its 2021 Better Together campaign

            Amy Sines and her family, Andy, Cody and Ryan will act as Chairs for the upcoming campaign.  Amy provided the following statement regarding the Sines family involvement with United Way.  “I am excited to be picked as Chair for the United Way Campaign, Better Together.”

            Sines graduated from Titusville Senior High and Edinboro University.  Amy found her passion at YWCA Fun Factory, a United Way Agency, in 2001. The YWCA is where she has many fond memories from baton classes, Y-teens, and dances.  “The YWCA is an extension of my home and family and that is represented with the love I show for the children and families that I get to meet.  The YWCA and I become an extension of theirs, and I have many extended family members after 19 years at the YWCA and Fun Factory.  I have such joy when I see former preschoolers and they share a memory.” stated Sines.

            Andy Sines is a retired Titusville Fireman and after 20 years of service is now employed at the Titusville Dairy, where he had been employed for 7 years before his Fire Fighter career. Andy has volunteer throughout his career through the Fire Department, as well as coaching many years for Little League Baseball, and helping anything his wife asks him to do for the YWCA and Fun Factory.  We have 2 sons who both graduated from Titusville Senior High.  Cody Sines graduated Thiel College in 2019, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, attended Penn State Deputy Sherriff Academy and now is employed as a Deputy Sheriff with Warren County.  Ryan Sines graduated University of Pittsburgh Titusville in 2020 with and Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, attended Mercyhurst Police Academy, and is employed with the Dubois Police Department.  Both our sons volunteered for the United Way through their sports in High School, and both know how important it is to volunteer and have a positive influence on their community.  The direction both of our sons have taken shows that they have grown to understand the value of volunteerism, service and giving yourself to others.

            “The United Way is so important to the community especially for my beloved YWCA Fun Factory.  Fun Factory focuses on children’s social development.  We embody the ideals of peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. It is our goal to provide a positive atmosphere where children can experience success at their own levels and love working with families as their preschooler enters a world full of exciting and fun experience. The YWCA has partnered with the United Way for many events that I have volunteered for Back to Football Nights and Handbag Bingo plus many more. If the YWCA and United Way are partnering I am there to help at these events for our community.  The United Way has made an impact on Fun Factory through its Allocations, Scholarships and Stuff the Bus. We are so proud to be a part of this campaign and spread the good news of the United Way to our community!”

            Neil Fratus has agreed to serve as the Vice Chair for the Better Together Campaign.  Neil was born in Titusville, PA and has been a resident of the northwest PA region for the majority of his life.  He graduated from Titusville Senior High School as a member of the class on 1996.

            Neil has always had an interest in helping others. He served as a Jr. Firefighter and a Volunteer Firefighter for Pleasantville, PA. Shortly after High School, Fratus worked for Community Ambulance Service for the Oil City/ Franklin Region for a few years. In 2006, he was hired at the Crawford County Sheriff's Office where he attended the Sheriff's Academy at Penn State University. Throughout his career at the Sheriff's Office He held many positions. Fratus started as a Deputy Sheriff, was later promoted to Lieutenant and a few years later was named the Chief Deputy. During his tenure with the Sheriff's Office, he participated in the United States Marshal’s Service as a Task Force Officer in Erie, PA for 9 years.

            In 2020, Neil began my new career as the City of Titusville City Manager. “I am honored that Council appointed me to this position and have been grateful to be back to my hometown. The opportunity to render public service to this great community is indeed a privilege and carries with it a great responsibility” Fratus currently serve on the following boards: Titusville Rotary Club, Titusville Chamber of Commerce, and United Way of Titusville Region.


Neil currently resides in the City of Titusville with his wife Arlene and 4 boys, Hudson (15), Holland (12), Griffin (4) and Mateo (1). My hobbies include spending time with my family, golf, and Crossfit.

            When asked why he chose to participate in United Way Fratus added, “I strongly believe in supporting our community through participating in multiple committees and civic groups coupled with activities and events that occur throughout the city.  Through United Way, I believe we are able to make a positive impact in Titusville. Together, we can help achieve their maximum potential, help families and assure that basic needs are being met.  I believe communities that thrive are physically, financially and emotionally healthy.  United Way creates community-based solutions that strengthen quality of life through education, health and financial giving.  I am proud to be a part of this campaign goal and look forward to achieving our goal and promoting our community.”

Campaign Leadership are responsible for leading the community through the annual campaign and raising $185,000 to support programs in our community that address the region’s most pressing needs in the areas of Education, Income and Health.  For more information about the United Way of the Titusville Region and its funded programs, please contact us at 814-827-1322.