United Way Asks Community to Check on Neighbors

As we work together to support the most vulnerable in our community during this difficult time, United Way of the Titusville Region is asking for your help.

          “We would like to encourage churches and community members to check on at risk residents including senior citizens, homebound and people with disabilities that may be fearful to leave home or are unable to obtain food or prescriptions, stated Terri Ann Wig, Chief Professional Officer of the United Way of the Titusville Region.  Our goal is to help this population receive the items necessary to sustain during the crisis.”

           If you know of someone that is fits this description, please contact the United Way of the Titusville Region at 814-827-1322 and include the individual’s name, address and telephone number.  United Way will follow up and try to provide the services needed.

          All residents that need services should reach out for help by calling  2-1-1.

          To stay updated find us at Coronavirus Information Titusville on FaceBook,