Community-Wide Human Services Needs Assessment Underway


          The United Way of the Titusville Region and a group of community leaders in the human services field are conducting a community-wide needs assessment.  Members of the United Way Needs Assessment Committee, led by William O, Howard including Ashleigh English of the YWCA; Elsie Strickland of Family First Early Head Start, Jayme Ferry of Crawford County Drug and Alcohol, Chief Harold Minch and several United Way board members met to develop a survey tool that will identify community needs.

          The survey includes questions regarding demographic make-up of respondents and questions focused in the areas of health, education and financial stability in our community.  Results of the survey will be used to identify the needs of the community that will be used by the United Way and local human service providers to ensure that programs are available to address and reduce the identified needs.  This data will help identify any needed services that are not available to our residents and allow resources to be developed to meet that need.

          After results of the survey are reviewed, the committee will hold several focus groups to reinforce the information provided and to begin to work toward a strategic plan to map out a direction to address the findings highlighted in the needs assessment.

          To ensure that the data collected is reflective of the views of the community, the committee asks all residents of the region to complete the survey.  The survey can be completed by going to the following link  or by stopping into the United Way of the Titusville Region office at 208 West Spring Street to complete a paper copy of the survey.

            If you have any questions regarding the United Way Community-Wide Needs Assessment, please contact the office at 814-827-1322.