Providing Masks to the Community

United Way of the Titusville Region Providing Masks to the Community

During the past year, the United Way network has worked together with our communities to help meet our community needs.  In an effort to help our community and local business and organizations, United Way of the Titusville Region received 2,500 masks for distribution in the community.

To date we provided the Titusville Area School District 2,000 adult masks for use by staff and families of students in the district.  Masks were provided to all students at Main Street Elementary when school began.  Additional masks were distributed to agencies and residents that receive food bags from the St. James Episcopal Church.

The remaining masks are available for local businesses and organizations in the area. Please contact the United Way at 814-827-1322 to arrange pick-up or delivery.

Photo:  Stacey Ross, Program Support Specialist shows of the masks available at the United Way.