Supporting May Dance & Prom Events

Tyc-Toc Committee Supports May Dance and Prom Events


          Several years ago, pre-pandemic, a group of mom’s wanted to reinvigorate the Tyc-Toc dances from days gone by.  The program was a success for the first year.  With the support of the community, funds were raised by the committee to continue to support dances for THS and TMS students.  United Way of the Titusville Region agreed to serve as fiscal manager for the group to allow for 501c3 benefits and allow for dual control of funds for accountability.

          With all dances including Prom and the May Dance cancelled last year and the difficulty for groups to raise funds, the committee wanted to support these major events.  On Monday, May 10th the group presented donations to Ashleigh English, Executive director of the YWCA for the May Dance and Fun Night and the THS Junior Class 2022 class officers to support the Prom.

          The committee wishes the students and organizations a safe and enjoyable experience at these wonderful events.



Presenting May Dance donation to Ashleigh English, Executive Director, YWCA of Titusville are Missy Elliott and Nikki Barker of the Tyc Toc Committee.

Presenting Prom Donation to THS Junior Class officers Sam Ruot, Secretary; Alexa Drake, Vice President; Sarah Cole, Treasurer are Missy Elliott and Nikki Baker of the Tyc Toc Committee.  (absent Gavin Nichols, President Class of 2022).

Tyc Toc Committee Members Absent (Dee Schenberg and Moranda Yoder)

Photos by: Terri Ann Wig, Chief Professional Officer of United Way of the Titusville Region